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Trebor Worthen, Partner
Trebor Worthen was elected to the Oklahoma Legislature as its youngest member in 2004 and quickly rose to leadership. Worthen is the former political director of the Oklahoma Republican Party, has served as creative director and senior associate at A.H. Strategies. After serving two terms in the Legislature, Worthen stepped aside to devote more time to his new company Majority Designs. Campaigns & Elections magazine recently named Worthen to its 2011 list of "Rising Stars in American Politics."

Fount Holland
, Partner

In 1997, Fount Holland started a successful political consulting company from his home in Muskogee, Oklahoma. He worked with neighbors and local businesses to design advertising that widely became known for electing Republicans in unlikely places. He has consulted for hundreds of successful campaigns. Holland now directs the award-winning Majority Designs creative team from his offices in Oklahoma City.

Darrell Todd
, Art Director
Darrell Todd is an Addy, Pollie and Reed award-winning graphic designer with more than 25 years experience as an art director and senior designer in political, corporate, tourism and non-profit organizations. Todd holds degrees in art and graphic communications, and has taught graphic design at the college level. A naturally talented cartoonist and illustrator, Darrell has refined his style over years as a free-lance artist. He is a married father of three sons.

Marian Free
, Associate
Marian Free is the lead copywriter for Majority Designs. Marian holds a bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism and a master's degree in business. Her political experience encompasses federal, local and state campaigns, from scheduling and grassroots coordination to media relations, fundraising and event planning. Marian formerly was the executive director of the Oklahoma Republican State House Committee, which led the GOP to its first majority in modern history. Marian, a mother of three, also is the executive director of the Oklahoma Speaker's Ball, Inc., an annual charity fundraiser.

Kaleb Bennett
, Associate
Kaleb Bennett previously worked for Governor Mary Fallin both in her administration and her Congressional office. He has worked for Senator Jim Inhofe and Congressman Wes Watkins, where he served as legislative director. Kaleb has extensive national and state political experience in policy, campaigns and polling. Kaleb is a married father of two sons and a daughter. He lives with his family in northwest Oklahoma City.

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